Youth and experience gained

Roduher is a company created by a young team with long experience in the recycling sector, as it is advised by important companies in the sector.

Betting on innovation

We are the third generation dedicated to the same sector, innovating in sectors such as the cutting of end-of-life vehicles and the sale of their components in good condition.

Specialized in the sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Adapted to the market trend

Company in full technological evolution renovating machinery or implanting new, to allow storing and classifying large quantities, scrapping industrial facilities, fragmenting and / or shredding materials properly. Thus we can give the raw material an added value with a good classification to deliver to the right foundries.

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Committed responsibility

Our responsibility goes from start to finish, that is why we correctly recycle our materials for the well-being and care of the environment.


Our priority is to ensure that 100% of our jobs are safe for all our collaborators, clients, etc. Also including all people who are in direct or indirect relationship with our company.

Dedication, quality and personalized service

Our objective and priority is to ensure that the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers is maximum while maintaining a relationship of mutual trust.

Training and well-being

The strength of our people drives our movement. We bet on our people in their training and well-being so that they grow with us.

Machinery to satisfy needs of the sector

  • We shear, press or fragment the scrap metal.

  • We have two plants for shredding pvc copper or aluminum cables for their separation.

  • Raee’s: We have a fragmentation machine and a manual separation plant (dismantling tables).

  • Presses for packaging non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, etc.

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